Silent Jam, July 25-29, 2023

Contact Improv Silent Jam for 4 whole days. This is the way to practice and train in Contact Improv, get rid of the extraneous noise and focus. We will begin on Tuesday, July 25 at 10am with an opening circle. Silence will continue until Friday the 28th with a closing circle in the afternoon followed by a live music jam that evening. Departure is Saturday morning at 10am.

The daily schedule will have a brief morning meeting at 10am. It is an opportunity to discuss anything that needs to be brought up. These meetings are usually only a couple minutes long. Although silence continues throughout the whole event, 24hrs a day, we can talk if we need to. There will be an intention to jam each morning after the 10am circle, gather again in the afternoon at 4, and then in the evening at 8. The sauna will be fired up each evening.

Note: To participate in this jam, you must attend the workshop with Nora Hajos beginning on July 16. Only participants from Nora’s workshop will be welcomed to participate in the silent jam. The total cost for the 12day event is $1500Canadian.

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