Overview 2024

There are four workshops scheduled for 2024 beginning in May. The last one of the season is in September.

Leviathan Studio provides the ultimate environment to study and train in Contact Improvisation. The studio was designed for Contact Improvisation. The floor is suspended on car tires for soft landings. The food is plentiful, high quality, both high in protein and fat. The workshop format of 12days allows for learning, assimilation and practice. The evening sauna unwinds tension before bed. Situated at the top of hill on an island, off-grid, no wifi distractions, no sirens, no traffic…it is ideal.

All workshops follow the same schedule of a 4hr lunch break. This is regarded as time necessary to reset the nervous system or rest and get ready for the next class. It is time to rest, meditate, relax at the beach or ponds, digest a robust lunch meal, nap, or journal. The studio is quiet at this time. The sound system is off.

Please note that Labradors live here. They will make regular appearances throughout the workshop. Please do not play with the dogs on the dance floor and definitely, do not feed them. They are well-cared for, working-dogs. They have jobs to do.

Food is always available during the workshop. This isn’t the usual beans and tofu. Home cooked meals may include wild Sockeye salmon, native Lasqueti wild lamb, pork and beef raised on the island, and free range organic chicken raised on the property. Meals also include lots of fresh fruit, fresh kale from the property garden, and homemade bread. Plenty of options available for those with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free diet needs.

Lasqueti Island is a community of self-sufficient, off grid homesteaders. Please come prepared with that lens of self sufficiency in mind. The property has outdoor toilets (maintained daily) and a beautiful outdoor shower next to the sauna and pond. Walking will be required. You need a headlamp and water-shoes are recommended for going in the ocean.

Mark Young
Director for Leviathan Studio

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