Contact Improv workshop and jams with Mark Young, May22-June4, 2022

This 12day intensive utilizes a lot of floor work and then bridges rolls to partnering, spiralling, ascending, and soft landing. It is a tried, tested and true workshop that several people have repeated.

Daily schedule is: breakfast 830am. Class 10-noon. 4hr lunch break. Afternoon class 4-6 followed by dinner and evening jam. The sauna is lit nightly to relax before bed and then do it all again the next day. This is an opportunity to do sustained training with a group of people committed to studying CI.

We train extensively with Simone Forti’s crescent rolls, Steve Paxton’s spiral rolls, and Taoist Tai Chi exercises that emphasize spiral movement, then applying those exercises to the duet form of Contact Improvisation. We are working towards an aesthetic of performative dance. Our intention is towards up, from floor to kneeling to standing to elevation. We will utilize phrases of spiral movement that allow us to be responsive to our partner and learning pathways around the body. As kinaesthetic awareness increases, our duet form will take on new life, new skills that you will take with you and apply to the rest of your life.

Mark Young has been dancing and doing Tai Chi since 1997. He opened Leviathan Studio in 2010 and has organized over 90 workshops at Leviathan Studio. This particular 12day workshop has been run more than 15 times at Leviathan and Spain.

NOTE: Labradors live here. If you don’t like dogs, it may not be the best venue for you. The dogs are well behaved with jobs around the farm. They sleep in the studio and often want to be on the floor with us. Please do not interact with the dogs while on the dance floor. Please do not bring your dog to Leviathan Studio. Please do not feed these dogs. They are named Ananda and Dandelion.

Arrive on Sunday, May22 in the afternoon for orientation and first jam. First class is Monday morning, 10am. Final jam is Friday, June3. Depart on Saturday, June4 morning ferries. $1200 includes all meals, accommodation, transport on Lasqueti, tuition, taxes. Go to ‘Contact Us’ on the right side of this page to register.

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