Workshop in Improvisation, June26-July9, ’22

The here and now and what about tomorrow?

In this workshop the focus will be on the instant compositional side of improvisation. Developing skills and viewpoints that help us to navigate and make choices in the here and now. Contact improvisation will be a common ground to interact and play with each other. 

Articulation and playfulness are two keywords for this workshop in which we will dance for and with each other. Dances in which we can expect to be in physical contact at any moment and at the same time keeping an awareness of one’s own choices and directions in improvising. 

In my work as a dance maker and improviser I am interested to explore the crossroads between dance, contact improvisation and theatre. Using the potential of the human body to tell stories through movement in a non-literal way. In this workshop we will play with different scores to create dances in which we use our imagination and creative potential. We will spend time to tune our bodies in movement, to develop a sense for ‘being in the moment’ from where we will dive into the realm of improvisation.

Arrive on Sunday, June 26, 2022 in the afternoon for orientation. The workshop begins on Monday morning. This is a 12 day workshop ending with a jam in the evening of Friday, July8. Departure is after breakfast on Saturday, July9 on the 11am ferry. $1200 fee includes all tuition, taxes, meals, and accommodation, also, you will be picked up from the ferry on the 26th and then returned to the ferry on the 9th. Click on ‘Contact Us’ to register or inquire.

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