Overview for 2022

Leviathan Studio continues to operate as a studio devoted to the study and cultivation of Contact Improvisation. In 2022, we expect to see a 12day workshop per month starting in May and continuing till October.

There is a scholarship fund for deserving participants. Please go to the drop down menu above to read more details and apply. Also, if you are inclined, please support the GoFundMe program that is paying for this scholarship fund.

Leviathan Studio is on a remote island near Vancouver, British Columbia. The island is off-grid. Leviathan generates all of its power by solar. Much of the food served is grown on the property. The food is prepared by interns who are here for long term study of Contact Improvisation. Local, organic meat is served at most meals along with organic vegetables. The director and creator of Leviathan is allergic to dairy, wheat and soy. So, he created a studio to tend to his dietary needs and has found many others share this problem. The food is excellent and high quality. Vegans do well as do omnivores.

5 interns are needed to manage the running of the studio. Duties include everything from cooking with a wood-fired stove to gardening and cleaning or collecting firewood or assisting with building maintenance. Interns commit to coming for 8weeks or longer. They work 30hrs a week in exchange for meals, lodging and the daily study of dance. If interested, apply early. Interns begin arriving in April. Some start later in the season and finish in October.

Leviathan is rustic. The island is small with limited services. There is no wifi at the studio. It is a 20min walk to town. Cell phones work well these days depending on the provider. There are cabins available, beds in the studio, some people bring their tent. The wood fired sauna is lit every evening. There is a shower and a couple of ponds for swimming. The dance floor is possibly the best dance floor in the world, certainly the best for CI. It is sprung on car tires. It almost ripples if you bounce hard.

Labrador retrievers live here. They are working dogs with jobs on the farm but they do come in the studio to sleep. Please do not play with the dogs on the dance floor. Please do not feed these dogs. Please do not bring your dog. If you don’t like dogs then this is probably not a good venue for you.

For inquiries regarding workshops or to register, go to the right side of the page “Contact Us” and send an email.

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