earthBODYment, May20-22, 2016

Elemental Ritual: Site-Specific earthBODYment on/with Lasqueti

Join Bronwyn Preece for a weekend intensive of earthBODYment, arriving Friday, May 20 and leaving Sunday, May 22 late afternoon*. $250 includes workshop, all meals, camping, transportation on Lasqueti.

~The workshop will take place at a variety of site-specific locations around the island~

earthBODYment is site-specific deep improvisation: an arts-based corporeal process of exploratory engagement signified by the embodiment of reciprocal presence. Creatively tuning into our sensuous experiences with the other-than-human world, earthBODYment is the improvisational exploration of interconnection.

earthBODYment incorporates solo and whole group movement, sound, language, collaborative writing and painting practices, music, yarn ‘bombing’ and other creative manifestations of presence and resonance with the places we find ourselves in.

Elemental Ritual: Site-Specific earthBODYment on/with Lasqueti

will focus on co-creating ritual and elemental connections with self/place.  The workshop will begin with an evening session on Friday night.  Sunday morning’s session will begin pre-sunrise.  Days will be full.

Participants are asked to bring appropriate clothing for walking and working in the forest and on the shore, a headlamp, waterbottle, journal, and musical instruments, if possible.

*Please Note: As this is the long weekend, traveling on the Friday can be quite a bit more problematic.  If you will be traveling from the Lower Mainland by car, you are encouraged to reserve a place on the BC Ferries ASAP.*

earthBODYment was inspired by Bronwyn’s extensive training, and as a teacher, of Action Theater™ for more than 17 years (studying with Ruth Zaporah); her work with Deep Ecologist Joanna Macy (the Work that Reconnects); her work with Butoh dance; her community-engaged Applied Theatre work; her own extensive explorations with embodied and expressive activism and a host of other movement and arts based modalities.


“I am full of gratitude for the other day.  You have such a beautiful ability to give space, and to offer ample space for us to be.  How powerful to speak to us about our choices being perfect.  I have only ever rarely seen that degree of honouring our nature and potential in any tradition.  You are a gem and a revolutionary and inspiring leader.”  ~ Mariko Ihara, earthBODYment participant

“Bronwyn’s workshops/exercises were raw and unconventional; engaging all aspects of our being in spawning individual/collective expression.  It gave me a shiver of excitement each time before the class as I really didn’t know what to expect.  I love those scary unknown places and the challenges proposed because there is no choice but to show up!  Bronwyn skillfully directs and facilitates the work while stepping aside to allow participants to dive into the depth of their own experiences.”  -Thomas Loh, Nelson, earthBODYment participant (from 2014 Leviathan intensive)

Bronwyn is such an elegant, feminine, powerful artist and facilitator. I was blown away her presence and her self assuredness to give me (us) the space to fully trust in her process and to experience a wonderful workshop. ~Joanna Bond, earthBODYment participant (Penpynfarch Studio, Wales, 2015)

Bronwyn Preece is a site-specific, improvisational performer, author, visual and walking eARThist. She is currently pursuing her PhD (using improvisation as her methodology) and holds an MA and BFA in Applied Theatre. She is the pioneer of earthBODYment and became Canada’s first certified teacher of Action Theater™. She is the author of ‘In the Spirit of Homebirth: Modern Women, An Ancient Choice’ (2015), ‘Gulf Islands Alphabet’ (2012), and of the ‘Off-The-Grid Kid’, among other publications. All of Bronwyn’s work focuses on connection to place and interdependence — interrogating the dichotomies between culture and nature, self and environment. Highlights include performing at World Stage Design in Wales (in an outdoor edible set), at Women’s Caucus for Art in NYC, and with Kokoro Dance in two of their Wreck Beach Butoh performaces.  She facilitates workshops internationally and works with communities and within classrooms to engage with timely issues through the arts. She served two terms in local politics as the youngest woman ever elected to her post with the Islands Trust, the municipal level government for the Gulf Islands of BC (2002-2008). Bronwyn can also be frequently spotted frolicking with the kale in her garden, fermenting batches of sauerkraut and kombucha, wildcrafting nettles from the woods or shamelessly hugging trees. Learn more about Bronwyn at

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