Chop Wood-Carry Water-Dance Experience week June19-25,2016

This is the lifestyle of sustainable living: We will work 3-4hours a day then dance. This is the opportunity to get your hands in the mud, in the garden, help build a new cabin, chop firewood, make cob, weed, hammer some nails, etc. We will be working on a new cabin. Participants are not compelled to work but the opportunity to work up a sweat every morning is there. In the afternoons we will study dance or tai chi or yoga. The evenings will have the regular evening dance jam or perhaps a movie.

This is the cabin that was built in 2015. We will be making a new cabin in the spring of 2016.




There will be 3 meditation times per day of one hour. Meditation is not taught at Leviathan Studio. Participants are not compelled to meditate. It is recommended that everyone partake in a 10day vipassana meditation course with S.N. Goenka before coming. We will observe the meditations times with silence and stillness. You may sleep, read, go to the beach or sit in the garden during these quiet times.

The daily schedule will begin at 7am with one hour silent meditation. This is optional, no one is compelled to wake up or meditate but we do ask that participants remain quiet during this time. Breakfast is from 8-9am. Physical labour is for the next 3hours, building, gardening, chop-wood. Lunch break for all events is 3hours long, allowing time to eat, rest and then meditate. The afternoon session will vary between yoga, tai chi and dance lessons. Dinner is at 6pm. Evening meditation session is at 7pm for one hour. 8pm on is free time to explore more dance or stretch, or perhaps we will have a movie night.


$425Canadian. To register or inquire go to ‘Contact Us’ on the right side of this page to send a message with June19-25 in the subject line.

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