C.I. Workshop and Jam with Mark Young, July4-17

I have run this format many times with great success. It is 12days of training in the work that bares fruit. There is reward for effort in practicing rolls on the floor and then partnering. It is a safe progression from the ground to aerials and back. This allows for the spontaneous flow that makes Contact Improvisation so appealing.

Daily schedule two classes each day and evening jams. The opportunity to work hard is provided, as well as, encouragement to take the rest you need. Skip a class if you have to. Miss an evening jam and choose to sauna instead. This is all good. Your participation will depend on your physical fitness.

Arrive on Sunday, July 4. The first class is Monday morning at 10am. The final jam is Friday, July 16. Everyone departs on Saturday, July 17 on the 8am or 11am ferries. $1200 Canadian includes all meals, accommodation, tuition, taxes, transport from/to the ferry. Go to ‘contact us’ on the right side of this page and send a message to register.

There are plenty of videos on the website under other workshops.

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