2013 Contact Improv Dance Workshops

Please make the pilgrimage to Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, B.C. this summer. We will be honoured to host you. After-all, we know how far it is to travel to your neighbourhood to dance.  We are organizing 8 intensives starting with the long weekend in May, ending in September.

Leviathan Studio intensives offer the rare opportunity to study dance in a residential setting. Most of the intensives are week-long events with arrival on Sunday, departing on Saturday with 5 days study. It is the opportunity to study dance in classes during the day then practise in a jam setting in the evening that is special.

All meals are included with the intensives, workshops, jams. The meals are extraordinary. All the food is organic. The greens are picked fresh before each meal. The animals are raised locally and the meat is prepared by local butchers. The fish is caught locally. The food is prepared by participants. Although all efforts are made for hygiene in a camping scenario, do not expect a food-safe kitchen. Participants wash their own dishes at every meal as well as sign up for a turn to wash the pots and serving bowls for a meal.

Camping is provided. Please let us know if you don’t have a tent, sleeping bag, thermarest or head-lamp. Dormitories are available. Facilities include a shower at the wood-fired sauna. The sauna gets fired up each evening. There are no bears, cougars or wolves on Lasqueti. The only predators you will find are at the bar.

Lasqueti Island is completely off-grid. There are no power-lines coming here. Leviathan Studio gets all of its electricity from solar. Most of the cooking is done over wood-stoves. This is a place to drop external distractions and to rest in nature. If possible, arrive the day before an event to take in one extra evening/morning of quiet in the forest before the intensive begins.

Most of the teachers are returning. This will be the fourth year John Faichney leads an Intensive with Mark Young in June. Karen Nelson is coming back in July. Yves Candau  is teaching with  Delia Brett in July. Christine Cole is coming for her first time to Leviathan to lead us through PlantBody imagery.  At the beginning of August we will be hosting the first annual ELSEWHERE Canadian International Dance Improv festival.  Yves Candau and Jennifer Mcleish-Lewis come back in August to teach together. And there is one other event scheduled at the end of August.

All intensives follow the same format with arrival on Sunday afternoon continuing till Saturday morning with 5 whole days of classes. Arrival on Sunday is for personal set-up, dinner and first jam. During the workshop there is a three hour lunch break that allows time to rest and digest, meditation, nap, go to the beach or practise.

To register go to ‘Contact Us’ on the right side of the screen and ‘send us a message’. Please specify which event your are registering for. Please register and pay by April1. A few of the intensives will fill by then. The one with me at the end of August will have plenty more time to register and pay.

Your registration is not confirmed till then. Refund of everything but $50 is available up to 3 weeks prior to the event.

There is the opportunity to worktrade at each of the events, lowering the price from $395 to $270 in exchange for working 2 hours per day in the kitchen. But this opportunity is only available to the first 6 people that ask. So ask early.

Please read “While Here” in the menu and “Liability Waiver” in the drop-down before registering.


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