10day Contact Improv workshop at Centro Parraga, Murcia, Spain

10day, 60hours workshop in Contact Improvisation

Centro Parraga, Murcia, Spain February17-28

Contact Improv inspired Choreography: We will be using the soft and subtle concepts of ‘rolling point of contact,’ to explore lifts and aerials that naturally occur in Contact Improv. “Rolling up,” is a good title for this workshop.
Starting with Tai Chi, we ground and warm up to spiral movement, graduating to Paxton’s Spiral Rolls and Forti’s Crescent Rolls on the floor along with the diagonal roll in Aikido. We then take those practices to the partnering duet form of C.I.
First we learn to base. We must know when it is safe to take our partners weight, as well as, when is it safe to trust our partner with our weight. “Never trust your partner,” is a famous quote from one of the originators of the form.
We have 10 days of class, 6hrs per day at the beautiful, big room at Centro Parraga, Murcia, Spain.

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