Yves Candau and Alicia Grayson, July13-19,2014

Still several spaces available for this Intensive as of July6.

Special addition to this Intensive-Karen Nelson will be joining us this week for a night of improv performance held at the Lasqueti Community Hall on Wednesday, July 16.

5 day intensive with Yves Candau and Alicia Grayson, arriving on Sunday, July13. Class commences on Monday morning, continues through Friday afternoon. Last evening jam is Friday night with departure after breakfast on Saturday, July19. $425 includes tuition, all meals, camping or dormitory, sauna and pickup from the dock.

Yves Candau

Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann
Yves’s teaching has been nourished by a number of past and present practices: Aikido, Vipassana meditation, and most importantly Steve Paxton‘s Material for the Spine and the Alexander Technique.

As dancers we are privileged to experiences that are both holistic and multi-layered. One could say that our dances take place simultaneously in the mind, in the body and in the world. We will use these complementary and interconnected points of view to explore and articulate the reality of our living moving beings in Contact Improvisation.

Internally we will develop our awareness, clarity of intention, and refine our use of the foundations of movement in the body: such as the structural support provided by the skeletal system, the connectivity of the fascia, or the flow of muscular tone that creates movement. Externally we will explore and strengthen specific movement patterns, such as the helixes manifested in walking, that can be expanded to take us in and out of the floor, and through space. We will aim to expand our perception and physical possibilities towards a spherical appreciation of space, where movement can take place in any direction.

These points of view will integrate as we practice working both internally and externally, through overlapping cycles of attention, intention and action, creating a rich place from which to meet one another. There is for me a deepening of experience to be gained here, which supports my exhilaration of exploring movement and the joy of dancing with a partner, as a conscious as well as physical being.

Links: Material for the SpineAlexander Technique


Yves Candau has a background in science (MEng in applied mathematics and MSc in cognitive sciences). He was doing a PhD in cognitive sciences when he discovered dance. Gradually his interest shifted from the abstract to a more embodied research, which he has been passionately pursuing ever since. He trained with several teachers in Paris, went to Pina Bausch’s Folkwang Hochshule in Essen Germany, and deepened his practice of Contact Improvisation and Improvisation studying in Europe and North America, in particular with Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson and Daniel Lepkoff.

Yves has been teaching Contact Improvisation since 2001, giving classes and workshops in France, Italy, Germany, Canada and the USA. As an interpreter he has had the pleasure to work with a number of choreographers in Toronto: Rebecca Todd, Eryn Dace Trudell, Malgorzata Nowacka, Newton Moraes, Holly Small, Kathleen Rea, and most frequently Peter Chin, for whom he has had the pleasure to dance over a span of 10 years and six different pieces.

For his own performance work Yves is particularly interested in solo improvisation, a minimalist form which he has been exploring for several years. In September 2012 he was invited by Steve Paxton to perform a solo piece at Saint Mark’s church in New York. This was part of an event Steve organized for Danspace Project’s Judson Now series. Yves is also an overtone singer and a teacher of the Alexander Technique.

Alicia Grayson

It is likely that we all have experienced moments dancing when we feel powerful, free and confident—when we can adeptly navigate whatever is put in front of us with grace and joy.  What creates this quality of delight and presence that makes us feel 100% ALIVE?

In this workshop we will focus on 3 components that support dancing that is easeful, expressive, engaging and deeply satisfying.

1) We will explore ways to release tension and relax the body/mind to help create a deeper sense of listening, safety, and contentment while strengthening our ability to let go. Practices may include bodywork, meditation, the small dance and focus on the breath.

 2) We will embody the physical principles of CI to create more clarity, efficiency and ease in how our bodies move together in three-dimensional space. Specifically, we will deepen our awareness of subtlety as we explore CI principles such as the point of contact, assessing and modulating tone, organizing our bodies efficiently, giving and receiving weight with ease and moving consistently in an off-balance way.

3) We will grow in fluidity with CI’s poetic, imagistic and emotional realms by using imagery, authentic movement and music.

There is no formula to create the magic that is so deeply nourishing in a dance. However, we can hone our physical and mental skills to adeptly navigate any terrain, to relax into the moment and nurture a vast spectrum of states.  Then entering in to that sense of extraordinary aliveness becomes more and more possible.

This intensive is for those who have embodied the CI fundamentals including following the point of contact, taking weight with ease, moving upside down and being able to module physical tone in the body in relation to your partner and the demands of the dancing.

Alicia Grayson has been passionately involved with dancing, teaching and performing CI for the past 25 years.  Her long time practices of authentic movement, yoga and meditation are important influences on her dancing and teaching. She has taught contact improvisation as an adjunct faculty at George Washington University, University of Denver, Naropa University and Shenandoah University.  She teaches CI., yoga and pilates classes in Boulder, CO and regularly travels internationally to teach and perform. She is a core member of Tumblebones Contact Improvisation Collective.   She also has a somatic psychotherapy practice where she works individually with clients. She continues to delight in exploring and discovering new depths to the form and is particularly interested in the mind/body relationship and the intersection of physics and expression.    www.tumblebones.com   

 Please consider doing both this week and the following with Moti for $725.

To register go to ‘Contact Us’ on the right side of this page and send us an email with July13 in the subject. If you do not hear back from us in two days, please check your spam folder or send us another email.





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