Residency for Experienced Dancers in Contact Improvisation Aug2019

Residency for Experienced Dancers in Contact Improvisation and 5day SILENT JAM. Aug11-31,2019

This residency will end with a 5day silent jam, from Aug25-30. In the first two weeks of this residency there will be a strong emphasis on ‘Insight Meditation’ or ‘Vipassana Meditation’. There are two periods of the day that are silent in and around the studio, 7-8am and 2:30-3:30. Participants are not compelled to meditate but they are asked to support the quiet, introspective periods. Often, participants fall asleep during this time. That’s good, get the rest you need. Tension masks sensation.

“Thanks Mark, for spoiling every other jam on the planet.” -Said by a participant in the 2018 Residency.  It was observed by many participants that the work we chose to do lead to fabulous jams. It is the work and effort that makes the magic. The work can be somewhat boring at first. Until curiosity for the spiral, crescent, Aikido rolls, meditation, The Stand, is cultivated, the work may seem dry and repetitive. But it works. Connection happens and skill develops. This method has been tried, tested and proven by many, including those who we respect as masters of the form.

The morning class, 10am-noon, will be devoted to training. Mark Young will be leading the class with the classics, Spiral, Crescent and Aikido rolls. We will learn to apply them to the partnering duet form of CI.

The afternoons are for participants to lab. Bring your curiosity. This is an opportunity for participants to explore. You may ask to lead a class because you want the experience of teaching. You may ask for someone else to lead something that you are curious about. You may want to experiment with something you have seen or heard about. There may be several groups working at the same time on different material.

The evening jams are where the magic happens. This time is devoted to Contact Improvisation jam. Most nights will be quiet. Once a week we will have a live musician. If there is music being played during the jam, it is non-rhythmic, non-percussive, it supports the Contact Jam and not influence it. This is considered ‘old-school’ by many. Please don’t try to turn this into an ‘ecstatic dance’ jam with noisy, recorded music. Participants in this residency are genuinely interested in progressing their skill and understanding of Contact Improvisation.

A note about the final 5days: the silent jam. Being in silence for 5 days requires a strong commitment. This commitment should not be taken lightly. You are welcome to participate in the first two weeks of the residency and then leave on Aug24 if you feel that this experience is not for you. It is for people serious about Contact Improvisation. A back-ground in meditation is highly recommended. You must apply with a few paragraphs regarding your experience and expectation of this event.

Silence will begin on Sunday, Aug25 in the morning and continue until Fri. Aug30 morning. We will talk on the final day and depart the following morning, Saturday, Aug31.

To register: Go to Contact Us on the right side of the screen. You will be responded to within 24hrs.

$1800Canadian includes all meals, camping or dormitory, limo from the ferry and returned at the end, tuition, taxes.


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