overview for 2018

2018 Season

Our reputation as a school for Contact Improvisation is now world renowned. Come to play seriously and seriously play. We train hard and then we play hard. Because we believe it is worth it.

The Residency in CI for Experienced Dancers is getting longer every year. This is obviously the direction we are going. More and more participants are coming for longer stays at Leviathan Studio. The Residency has doubled in length, from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. This is a product of what worked in 2017 and what was asked for more. I am very happy to be able to present both Alicia Grayson and Karen Nelson during this residency. Also, I am grateful for the support of Olivia Shaffer and Kyle Syverson as co-facilitators.

My work is repeated 4 times in the schedule, May, June, July and September. This is the ‘essential’ Contact Improv with skills and exercises for all levels. There will be participants who are repeating this workshop with me for the 6th time. It is as intense as you want it to be while modifying to a less intense level for those that wish. This work has proven highly beneficial for people recovering from neurological disorders such as stroke, acquired brain injury, and multiple sclerosis. There will be participants in these workshops who are highly skilled, trained dancers, as well as, people new to CI, as well as, people with mobility concerns.

Before registering please read the drop-down pages under ‘About Leviathan.’ There is important information that might affect you. There is extensive information on how to get here as well as class etiquette, what is expected of you and code of conduct.




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