Contact Improv workshop Centro Parraga, Murcia, Spain

2 week workshop in Contact Improvisation with Mark Young

Feb. 17-28, 2020 in Murcia, Spain. Daily schedule, 10:30-13:30 and 17h-20h

1 week is 140 Euros/ 2 weeks is 200 Euros

This is the third time that I will present this work in Murcia. It is a proven pedagogy that will develop your Contact Improvisation. We will begin with Tai Chi exercises to route and ground us, providing a stable base for our partners. As we continue with Paxton’s Spiral Rolls and Forti’s Crescent Rolls and the diagonal roll from Aikido, we learn new pathways of movement with our primary partner, the floor. We will quickly take these exercises to standing and partnering and apply them to the duet form of Contact Improvisation.

We will be looking at Contact Improv inspired choreography. We will explore phrases that utilize spiral movement, arching into the backspace, effortless lifts, pathways to up as well as down. We will begin with Tai Chi to root our movements in our feet and create a stable base going up from there. Lift happens, but first, one of you has to be a stable base. This approach has been the hallmark of Leviathan Studio with many participants repeating the workshop. Although no Contact Improv experience is required, this is considered an advanced level workshop. Participants should be fit and free of injuries. We have 6hrs per day in the big, beautiful room at Centro Parraga. There will be plenty of time to jam and to work in self-directed labs.

Mark Young has studied Contact Improv and Tai Chi for 25yrs. He is the creator and director of Leviathan Studio.

To register/inquire: email nacho

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