ALL LEVELS, Contact Improv Workshop and Jam, July 10-16,2016

Come for a week-long workshop suitable for All Levels in Contact Improv, July10-16, 2016.

Hannah Wasielewski will teach this 5 day workshop. She will be presenting the BASICS of Contact Improvisation.  BASICS indicates fundamental skills or states of embodiment necessary for the study and practice of CI.  This workshop is suitable and recommended for beginners although will be appropriate for all levels as this work forms the foundation of our practice.  From our minds and bodies of experience, we are coming together to synthesize and share what we have found to be the essential aspects and teachings of our practices.  This includes sharing weight, rolling point of contact, “Material for the Spine” crescent and spiral rolls, stable basing, safely falling and getting back up from the floor, finding structural support, sharing weight, “listening”, states, The Stand, puzzles, finding center, basic mechanics of lifting, trios, history of CI, The Underscore, Authentic Movement, and jamming skills.

Arrive Sunday July10 in the afternoon or evening ferries from French Creek in time for dinner, orientation and perhaps a yoga class. The sauna will be lit for the evening. First class is Monday morning at 10am. There will be 2 classes per day of 2 hours each and evening jams for five whole days. This workshop will end after breakfast on Saturday, July16th in time to go to the farmers market before getting on the 11am ferry departing Lasqueti. $500Can go to ‘Contact Us’ on the right side of this page and send a brief message to register. You will be responded to within 24hours.

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