2020 Overview

Leviathan Studio becomes the first school dedicated to the study of Contact Improvisation. The program begins May 10, 2020 and continues till October 10.

Participants come for any length of time with preference for those who are staying 8weeks or more. The cost for 8 weeks is $2000Canadian. Participants are welcome to join the residency for a week or two. The fee for shorter stays changes with the events.

This program is for serious study of dance with a daily routine of training. The morning session is led by Mark Young with Tai Chi, Aikido, Spiral, and Crescent rolls. This has proven to be a very effective way of readying the body and mind for Contact Improvisation.

The afternoon session is for self-directed labs. If there is something you are curious about or wish to present to the group, this is the opportunity to explore. We will use the format established in the 2019 Residencies for Experienced Dancers in CI. If there is something you want to look at in more depth, as a group, we will construct a class to suit. Perhaps you want to lead something, present it to the group, let the group decide if they want to participate. Sometimes we have multiple small group labs going on at the same.

The evening is for jamming, although, one can’t dance every day, all day. Sometimes we watch a movie.

Returning guest teachers are Lesley Greco and Olivia Shaffer. Marta Wrzesinska is coming to Leviathan for the first time in August. Participants are welcomed to join us just for these workshops as not everyone has the luxury of taking two months off to study dance.

It is recommended that you do a 10day vipassana meditation course with S.N.Goenka before participating in the 8week residency at Leviathan Studio. We have a regular meditation schedule of 1hr at 7am and 230pm. No one is compelled to meditate. It is recommended though. Vipassana makes your dance feathery light.

To register/inquire go to ‘Contact Us’ on the right side of the screen and send a message.

Here are some videos to wet your appetite.

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