2014 overview

Aug24:  One last CI intensive starting today, Aug24. 2 spots available out of 25 participants in total. Also, some people are coming on Thursday, if it suits you to just do the second half, please inquire about that.

We have been asked to provide longer intensives by people travelling from afar. It is a long journey to Lasqueti Island, B.C. from anywhere, but especially Europe.  Consequently we are offering intensives in pairs so people can stay for two weeks at a time. The first pair of intensives is July13-26 beginning with Yves Candau and Alicia Grayson for the first week followed by Moti Zemelman  teaching the second week. The second pair is August4-16 beginning with Lasqueti Improv Dance Festival led by Katarina Eriksson, Stu Phillips and Bronwyn Preece with Allen and Karen Kaeja leading the second week.

Participants are welcome to register for any week individually but please carefully consider the benefits of staying for two weeks. It is a long journey. http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca/how-to-get-here  If you have the time, the paired intensives in July and August are tremendously discounted if you are doing both.

John Faichney will be returning for the fifth time to lead an intensive in June. John’s 40 year commitment to studying dance is clear while you are in his class. Come on time, ready to work. Be hungry for new material. You will be rewarded. 

I will be teaching at the end of August. This Intensive was very popular last year. It will be repeated with the only change being that it will be 7days instead of 5.

We offer two scholarships per intensive as well as 6 work-study opportunities. These 8 spots per intensive are very popular. If you are interested, it is recommended that you apply as early as April.

We are looking for Interns. If you have the time and volition, if you wish to come for a longer period to work off the costs of Intensives please inquire about coming early to help with the abundance of work that is required to run a retreat centre on a remote island that has no services. We offer the opportunity to work 30hours per week and be well fed and learn some skills and meditate and dance and generally live a healthy life preparing for the summer Intensives. Interns are expected to arrive as early as May. Interns must have completed a 10day vipassana course with S.N. Goenka and commit to meditating with us two times per day for one hour.

Lasqueti Island is close to Vancouver, B.C. on the map but it is a long journey including two ferries and buses and waits between. This remoteness gathers people who are committed to dance; to studying dance. Please be clear about your intentions before coming. We provide a safe container for those that come to study dance seriously. You are supported in your pursuit of health and well-being. There is a couch on the studio floor for participants wanting to remain present for the class but needing to sit to the side for a moment. Conversation or disrupting class is strongly discouraged.

The more we listen, the more we hear. The more we hear, the more we understand. The more we understand, the deeper the experience. Come to play seriously and seriously play.


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