Residency for Experienced Dancers in Contact Improvisation, July2019

This is the first of two Residencies. July7-27, 2019. Arrive on Sunday, July7. Depart after breakfast on Saturday, July27.

Week1: We will begin our morning with practice in the classics led by Mark Young. We will practise the Spiral Rolls, Crescent Rolls and Aikido Rolls and how to apply them to the partnering duet form of Contact Improvisation. Afternoon sessions are for participant driven labs. In the evening, we jam.

Week2: Special guest teacher to be announced. Benno Voorham has been invited. We are waiting for his confirmation.

Week3: Back to Basics with the classic exercises that lead to magic.

There are two meditation times scheduled per day, 7-8am and 230-330pm. No one is compelled to meditate but participants are asked to support the group by being quiet in and around the studio during these times.

$1800Canadian includes all meals, camping or dormitory, limo from the ferry to the studio and then returned at the end of the workshop, tuition and taxes.

To register go to Contact Us on the right side of the screen and send a message. You will be responded to within 24hrs.


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