Residency for Experienced Dancers in Contact Improvisation Aug2019

Residency for Experienced Dancers in Contact Improvisation. Aug11-31,2019

This is the second Residency of 2019. Also, 3 weeks long. There is a strong emphasis on ‘Insight Meditation’ or ‘Vipassana Meditation’ during this residency. There are two periods of the day that are silent in and around the studio, 7-8am and 2:30-3:30. Participants are not compelled to meditate but they are asked to support the quiet, introspective periods. Often, participants fall asleep during this time. That’s good, get the rest you need. Tension masks sensation. We will have silent days during this residency.

The morning class, 10am-noon, will be devoted to training. Mark Young will be leading the class with the classics, Spiral, Crescent and Aikido rolls. We will learn to apply them to the partnering duet form of CI. This is a video of a class from last years residency.

Alicia Greyson will be joining us in the second week. Alicia will lead three hour morning classes with her work. For more information, see below.

The afternoons are for participants to lab. Bring your curiosity. This is an opportunity for participants to explore. You may ask to lead a class because you want the experience of teaching. You may ask for someone else to lead something that you are curious about. You may want to experiment with something you have seen or heard about. There may be several groups working at the same time on different material.

The evening jams are where the magic happens. This time is devoted to Contact Improvisation jam. Most nights will be quiet. Once a week we will have a live musician. If there is music being played during the jam, it is non-rhythmic, non-percussive, it supports the Contact Jam and not influence it. This is considered ‘old-school’ by many. Please don’t try to turn this into an ‘ecstatic dance’ jam with noisy, recorded music.

Alicia Grayson’s workshop: CI Principles: From the Ground Up, A Journey through the Chakras: Each session we will focus on one of the 7 major chakras as a lens through which we build solo and partnering skills that support contact improvisation.  Working from the ground up we expand our abilities to listen to ourselves and our partners so that the flow of life energy can move effortlessly through us as we improvise in contact. The following themes gleaned from the 7 major chakras will weave their way into the workshop: Earth: creating and deepening a felt sense of safety, refining one’s ability to listen and respond though touch, continuously sensing the ground through own and partner’s body, integrating feet and legs to pelvic floor and spine. Water: accessing the power and fluidity of the pelvis and integrating it with rest of the body as co-create with partner,  continuity of the rolling point of contact,  moving with embodied pleasure, navigating healthy boundaries, using momentum to create more ease in dancing, intentionally going off balance to create opportunities for the joy of falling and flying. Fire: moving from own center (the source of life energy) and connecting to partner’s, delighting in and deepening one’s solo dance while dancing with partner, exploring the organs of liver, stomach and kidneys as support for empowered dancing Air: expanding the awareness of the lungs and breath as well as the arms and hands and their relationship to the heart, developing strategies for creating lightness in the body, allowing the spectrum of heart qualities to dance us. Sound and vibration: freeing up the neck, throat and jaw as a means to open self expression while we move,  integrating the head and torso though the pathway of the digestive tube, refining the ability to work with spherical space and inversions.Light and perception: using the physical eyes and imagination to give more depth in our perception, inviting the eyes to be the steering wheel for the spine, closing the eyes and opening to deeper levels of sensation and visualization so our inner world dances us.Opening to the Source or the Mystery: opening oneself to the creative unknown, navigating the head as a limb, integrating all parts of the body, mind and spirit so that the improvisation flows freely. We practice these skills in an environment that honors our physical, emotional and mental boundaries…and invites their expansion.  In contact improvisation we discover the magic that happens as we play with our creative minds and hearts and the physics of two (or more) bodies in motion. 

Alicia Grayson has been passionately involved with dancing, teaching and performing CI for the past 30 years. She has taught contact improvisation as an adjunct faculty at George Washington University, University of Denver, Naropa University and Shenandoah University. She teaches CI, yoga and pilates classes in Colorado and regularly travels nationally and internationally to teach. Her long time practices of authentic movement, yoga and meditation, her work as a somatic psychotherapist and transformational coach and her love of nature are important influences on her dancing and teaching.  She delights in exploring and discovering new depths to contact improvisation and related disciplines and is particularly interested in the intersection of physics and expression and the mind/body relationship.

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$1800Canadian includes all meals, camping or dormitory, limo from the ferry and returned at the end, tuition, taxes.


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