Contact Improve Dance Workshop July 25-31 2011

Instructor: Stu Phillips

$400 includes tuition, camping, all meals and transportation on Lasqueti.

Five day workshop with evening jams. Arrive Monday, July25. Commencing at 11am, Tuesday July 26. Continue until after breakfast on Sunday July 31.

  • $75 deposit, balance due by July15.
  • Scholarship and work-trade available
  • Childcare provided-$100 per child 5-12yr old

Contact us to register.

Improvisational Contact, Re Enlivening the Lost Art of Improvisational Dance in Contact

Description: Contact Improvisation consists of two very essential words, the first has become perfected, the second fossilized. In our quest to study contact improvisation, we have become acrobatic with less emphasis on meaning, heart, and soul purpose, so in this exciting dance workshop, we study our way into perfect improvisational dance as an approach to interpersonal dynamics, perfected in the height of expression. We learn to become more comfortable with our own personal expressive tendencies in the moment, not as a pattern of nonsensical athletics, but rather as a rooted expression of what’s really going on for us intrinsically in our selves, in the very moment honing our outer expression of inner impulses bypassing mental patterning, into the wonderful world of truth, as it is known in the unknown, revealed and built upon moment to moment, with focus and acceptance. Our focus is complete depatterning with emphasis upon the real self, moving from personal reality and not concepts, without interruption, with clean approach and aligned focus with our true expression in the moment. This methodical approach consists of simple psychic group guidance, with clean physical, mental or emotional foci unblocking patterned no nos into cleaner expression of focus, with one on one time honing this true alignment with self, moving into being real and watched simultaneously, in relationship with other and self, as duet, trio, quartet, quintet, and so on, so personal truth becomes the only excitement, the method of approach to dance Improvisationally. It always works, eventually, and it will be impossible to disconnect from our true physical and emotional flows, with an “observant” and supportive mental approach enhancing visiblizing our truth to our selves, an enlivening personal experience, transforming into deeper pathways from self.

Classes: They specifically will strengthen personal foci when Improvising, through channelling immediate energy into external showing, or expression. We will start with simply staying in our bodies, moving onto injury prevention through vulnerable focused channelling of personal body systems, move onto tuning into another’s energy system and communicating what that looks like, visiblizing the internal workings of another, once we have a firmer grasp of channelling our own physical systems. From there we move to feeling comfortable manifesting our internal emotional realms into the picture, in solo and relational, in truth, then to dancing our different chakral systems in basic form, becoming comfortable with energetic expression of a variety of emotional, physical, and mental flows, staying true to self, manifesting truthfully through words and action what we perceive is going on for others and more importantly, ourselves, in each moment, and expressing our behaviour, tuning into different vulnerable physical foci, emotional truths, mental concentration, verbal channelling, these easily accessible trance states, building on them, and coming to a place where choosing a focus keeps us safe, real, penetrating and powerful all at once, releasing into a thoughtless state of different foci, and relating our dancing from the energy received from each focus, specifically, creating an enormous spectrum of truthful behaviour from very specific foci.

Experience: Stuart Phillips has been teaching workshops, classes and series in Improvisational Contact Dance in the US and New Zealand for over 24 years, performing Improvisational Contact for same and teaching and performing Improvisational Dance and Theater for over 31 years throughout the US and Canada.

Daily: Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 1pm, 4pm – 6pm, studio available for jamming all other times.

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