Yoga and Dance, Sept25-29,’14

Come for a long weekend of Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Sauna and great food. Sept25-29, 2014 with Hannah Wasielewski and Mark Young

Arriving on Thursday, Sept25 for dinner and evening yoga before sauna and good rest.

Morning Yoga Class:  The morning yoga practice will include both invigorating vinyasa yoga and calming, restorative yin yoga practice.  Yoga is meant to holistically prepare the body for a day of physical work and meditation.

In the afternoons we will practise the fundamentals of Contact Improv dance. Primarily we will do floor work, rolls, working with and without a partner. We will also use Tai Chi fundamentals to inform our movement. If anyone wants to study lifts, elevations, flying, this can be added at the end of class.

On Saturday evening we will take the limo to the Lasqueti Community Hall for a Barefoot Boogie.

There will be three meditation times per day, 1hour each. Meditation is not being taught nor led. These times are provided/supported for you to approach stillness, quiet and introspection in the technique you have learned. Ideally you practise vipassana as taught by S.N. Goenka.

$250 includes tuition, all meals, dorm beds, pick-up from the Lasqueti ferry. Please go to ‘contact us’ on the right of the screen and send us an email to register or if you have any questions.

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