Spain 2020,

Leon-Jan15, Valladolid- Jan17, Aviles-Jan18, Leon-Jan20-24, Murcia-Feb14-28


The 2018 tour of Spain begins in Asturias, continues in Murcia followed by Caceres, Badajoz and finishing in Malaga on December2.

Asturias, October 29-November4, contact Nacho







Murcia, November5-11 contact

Murcia, Nov12-16 This workshop is at the Conservatorio de Dance and is not open to the public

Murcia, Nov17/18 To Be Announced



Caceres, November 21-23 This workshop is at the Professional Dance Conservatory and is not open to the public

Badajoz, November 23-25 contact

Malaga, November 30-Dec2 contact

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