Leviathan Studio welcomes five Interns per year. Interns arrive as early as April to work, train and dance. Interns work six days a week, five hours per day. Interns commit to varying lengths of time from a minimum of 6 weeks to as long as the programming(mid-October).

Prerequisite to participating at Leviathan Studio as an Intern, one must complete a ten-day vipassana meditation retreat with S.N.Goenka and commit to sitting with us three times per day for one hour. You must have a back-ground in dance especially Contact Improv. A strong work ethic is essential. If you don’t like to work then do not apply. Between the 30hours of work and 20 hours of meditation per week and evening jams, you will sleep well.

Interns must have health insurance. Interns are expected to participate in the evening jams that happen all summer long. Interns receive free workshops in exchange for their hard work. This is not ‘wwoofing’ or couch-surfing. You must have some money to participate in events in the community such as the Saturday Farmers market, events at the community hall, go visit friends that you have made in the community and even take a holiday away from the studio. Being an Intern at Leviathan is the opposite of joining a cult. You are encouraged to invite your family to visit. Being at Leviathan should not be viewed as an opportunity to escape.

Apply early. These positions are filled by January. Along with your application please email a brief biography outlining your experience in dance and what your personal goals are while at Leviathan. Include your age and what you have been doing the past 5 years. This is an ideal opportunity for a 24-30yr old with a back ground in dance who wishes to cultivate their physical and emotional awareness while practising sustainable living in an off-grid environment.

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