Contact Improv with Olivia Shaffer, July26-Aug1, 2020

Contact Improv with Olivia Shaffer

Arrive on Sunday, July26 in the afternoon for snacks, dinner, orientation, jam, and sauna. The first class is on Monday, July27 at 10am right after opening circle. The final jam is in the evening of Friday, July31. This event ends on Saturday, Aug.1st at 10am, with delivery to the departing ferry at 11am.

Olivia’s  approach to CI is rooted in embodied presence. She believes that cultivating awareness of our sensations and proprioception creates an agile body and quiet mind. As a result, we open up the possibility for more improvisational freedom by following impulse and intuition.

Classes begin with a guided warm-up to attune with gravity by sensing the subtle modulations of tone in our body. Developmental movement principles such as yielding, head-tail connection, and push patterns will facilitate pathways that move us in and out of the floor with ease and efficiency. We will travel through space using “scores of limitation” to create opportunities that challenge habitual patterning and enrich the possibilities of our dancing.

Together we will discover the innate physics in our movements, using gravity as a tool rather than a hindrance. Similarly, by accessing counterbalance and the gentle pouring of our weight, we recognize how timing allows for effortless movement. We will naturally progress towards more advanced investigations that Olivia has particular interests in such as “meeting pressure,” “skin-stiction” and “physical empathy.”

Olivia’s classes offer an opportunity to develop CI techniques that will both foster the dancing of beginners and satisfy the hunger of more experienced practitioners.

Olivia Shaffer is an independent performer, improviser, choreographer and teacher from Vancouver, BC. She holds a BFA and a Liberal Arts Certificate from the School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University. She has worked as a dance artist for over a decade, creating dance independently and performing with companies such as EDAM Dance, Co.ERASGA and MACHiNENOiSY, among others.

Olivia’s movement philosophy and teaching is shaped by her extensive background in contact improvisation (CI), contemporary dance, improvisation, somatic practices (including Laban Movement Analysis & Bartenieff Fundamentals), and Pilates. Olivia has had a daily practice in CI under master teacher Peter Bingham since 2011, and has been performing CI with his company, EDAM Dance, since 2014. Olivia has also studied with international CI teachers Alicia Grayson, Karen Nelson, Sarah Shelton Mann, Andrew Harwood, Ray Chung, Chris Aiken, Frey Faust, Leilani Weis, John Faichney, Martin Keogh and Angelika Doniy.

Olivia teaches weekly CI classes at EDAM Dance and has taught dance in the Lower Mainland at Douglas College, SFU, Modus Operandi, Polymer Dance, Leviathan Studios, as well as internationally in Berkeley, California, and at the University of the Philippines in Manila.

$600 includes all meals, accommodation, tuition, taxes, and transportation on Lasqueti. Go to ‘Contact Us’ on the right of this page to register.

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