5Day Silent Contact Improv Jam, July19-25,2020

5day silent Contact Improv Jam

In 2019 we did a 5 day silent Contact Improv jam. It was deeply loved. There was a lot of laughter in the silence. There was a strong appreciation for this dance form, Contact Improvisation, and how it is enhanced with silence.

Arrive on Sunday, July19 to orient to the group. We will begin silence after opening circle on Monday, July20 around 10am. We will break silence on Friday afternoon with final jam that evening. The event officially ends at 10am on Saturday, July25.

Last year, we followed the parameters of The Underscore. It was deeply rewarding. If you have not studied the Underscore then it is necessary that you arrive on Saturday, July18 or before for a class.

Many of the participants will already be at the studio, as this is part of the Residency for Experienced Dancers that begins in May, 2020. A small number will be joining, as not everyone who comes to Leviathan has the luxury of taking 2months off work.

Go to Contact Us on the right side of the screen to send a message of inquiry or to register. $600Canadian includes all meals, lodging, snacks, transportation on Lasqueti, and taxes.

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