2016 Overview

The overview for 2016 is being written while still in the glow of the 2015 season. The words, ‘raising the vibration,’ did not have real meaning to me till now. We are overjoyed at how well things have grown and continue to grow at Leviathan Studio.

Participants have requested longer workshops. We provide. Katarina Eriksson and Ray Chung will come together in August for a ten day event that will be epic. This is a rare opportunity to study with two masterful dancer/teachers in a sustained way in a supported environment.

Participants have been ecstatic about the ‘Foundations’ workshop correlating Steve Paxton’s Material For the Spine with Tai Chi exercises and how they apply in Contact Improv. The wish of participants in past years is that this work be offered for longer. In 2016 we will do it for 12 days and it will be offered twice. It’s that popular.

The Residency for Experienced Dancers has been the most rewarding event. It is right in the middle of summer. It is the opportunity to train with peers, to dialogue issues and dilemmas and work all day and into the night.

We are looking for 5 participants to do the entire summer program beginning June19 and continuing till Sept3rd. And we require 5 Interns to arrive at the beginning of May and remain till Sept5th.

We have turned a corner. Events fill early now. People have made the long journey to Lasqueti in past years and felt that it was worth it. The alumni is growing. The community is stronger. We will have a profound experience full of living, learning and laughter. Come to play seriously and seriously play.


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