Class and Studio etiquette

Class Etiquette:

General Statement about group work…

Participants are asked to respect others who have paid and traveled to be in a workshop. Be mindful by not talking or conversing during class.

Please arrive in class on time and ready to begin at the scheduled times.

During class time, if you are in the class you are expected to participate.  There is always plenty of time outside of scheduled class time to converse with others or do your own practice.

Although the kitchen is attached to the studio, please resist the urge to walk out of class to get a drink. If you do go for some water, absolutely do not sit on the side having conversation with a friend. Of course, you are welcome to go for a walk and skip class, that is your choice.

Studio Etiquette:

Although we want you to feel at home, please respect that this is our home. We do energy work. We do not appreciate you super-imposing your energy work on our energy work. It is interesting to note that a professional energy worker knows exactly what the previous statement means and an amateur does not. Participants are expected to participate in the workshop that they have registered for, not run your personal healing retreat on the side. We play to the fullest of our ability. Few can keep up with the pace. When you are tired and overstimulated, this is a time to pursue stillness. Ironically, an amateur thinks it is time to do energy work.