Class and Studio etiquette

Class and Studio Etiquette:

Participants are asked to respect others who have paid and traveled to be in a workshop. Be mindful by not talking or conversing during class. You are welcome to move to the sidelines and watch but do not be disruptive on the class.

Participants are encouraged to take care of themselves. There is a couch on the dance floor so that a participant can sit and still be part of the class. Similarly, there is a bed beside the studio floor if you wish to lay down. Some work is intense. Vertigo, dizziness and nausea are common. It is important to manage these unpleasant feelings by resting.

Please do not do energy work in the studio. The work we do during class is intense. Participants are pushed to their limits. You are advised to take rest during break time, not give treatments. Ironically, professionals are aware of the risks of over-doing it. Professional energy workers know to take care of themselves and not engage in pushing it further. If you are a cranio-sacral therapist, osteopath, reiki, etc. and you want to work on someone, please take it outside of the studio and do so at your own risk.