Contact Improv Workshops

At Leviathan Studio we are refining what we do and how we do it. This is a studio for the study Contact Improvisation. We are interested in participants from all levels of experience and ability. However, participants come here to study. We play seriously and expect you to come here to seriously play.

We provide the highest level of teachers and training. Participants are well supported in their endeavours with the highest quality food, the best dance floor in the world suspended on car tires, a large sauna every evening, and a theatre for video tutorials.

With great excitement we announce the Residency for Experienced Dancers from Aug6-26. Sara Shelton Mann will be returning to present an utterly surreal perspective of CI. Karen Nelson will be leading us through ‘Tuning Scores’ in the second week of the Residency. This is an event for teachers of CI to collaborate on their curiosities. We are seeking 20 participants for the 3 week duration.

John Faichney returns for the 7th year to teach at Leviathan. John is cultivating a group of followers who request his teaching annually.

I am presenting my work in 4 workshops throughout our summer season. This work has proven to be highly successful in developing the Contact Improv dancer within us all and is suited to any level of skill from novice to really good. A participant can expect some serious dancers to be in the class willing to work with you. I have invited many good friends to co-teach each of these events. A participant can expect their questions addressed from different sources. There are 5day, 12day and 19day workshops to suit your schedule.

Our programs are becoming longer every year. The longer workshops allow participants to really sink into the work. In the beginning we did 5day events that, in retrospect, barely allowed time for the stress of the city to melt away. Now, with longer events that include rest days on the beach, meditation times, and time for the muscles to unwind, we are finding participants that crave the longer sabbatical, and the rewards that come with time.