Tinana – Whenua Performance Workshop, July8-19

This workshop is POSTPONED till a later date.

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TINANA body, reality, self   | WHENUA – land, territory, placenta

Facilitated by Charles Koroneho

 Dates: 08- 19 July 2018   Costs: $1000 (CAN)

12-Days – includes workshop facilitation, studio, taxes, all meals, snacks, sauna, accommodation-camping- dormitory, pick-up and delivery to the ferry.

 Workshop Outline and Content

Tinana – Whenua Performance Workshop is a 12-day creative intensive, an intercultural and interdisciplinary forum, focused on hybridizing dance, body weather laboratory, mau rakau, vocalizations and movement research practices.

The workshop will introduce concepts from a philosophically indigenous perspective, to explore cultural and individual intersections between body and environments. The foundational approach of the workshop is to explore and develop an understanding of the individual, communal and ceremonial body in movement and performance, an experiential body within the greater context of Land; a landscape of culture, politics, history and spirituality.

Movement & Hybrid Training

Hybrid training explores spatial activation, an eclectic movement approach in a continuous movement field. Movement situations include improvised and set material, exploratory work with a rakau (wooden staff), movement creation, individual and partnered improvisation, stretching, breathing and alignment.

Training classes include Partnered Bodywork with a series of specific stretching and relaxation exercises focussed on breathing, alignment and contact. The work is practiced in pairs or small groups, exchanging passive and active roles.

 Research & Movement Creation

Following his latest Performance Workshop – Tua o Te Arai, an exploration of grief, bereavement, funeral practices and lamentation, Koroneho will expand the research to the introduction of Tinana – body and Whenua – land.

Creative concepts are practitioner centric, emphasizing individual artistic processes to develop collaborative and communal practices. Exercises are designed to sharpen focus and develop a diverse range of explorations through the body. The work encompasses sensitivity training, structured improvisations and specific techniques for developing a body of internal landscapes, performance persona and characterizations.

 Charles Koroneho works in the fields of performance and culture. He explores cultural collaboration and the intersection between dance, theatre and design. His projects are presented as performances, workshops and research; exploring the collision between Maori cosmology, New Zealand society and global cultures.


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