Contact Improv at SFU NOV16/17

Contact Improv inspired choreography

2 day workshop in Contact Improvisation at SFU Woodwards on Nov16/17, 10am-4pm. Room 4750. $80 for two days,  $50 for one. This workshop is supported by the School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University. To register, email

Schedule: morning class 10am-noon, lunch noon-1:30, afternoon class 1:30-4:00

Mark Young has been leading this pedagogical approach to Contact Improv both at his studio and at various dance departments at universities in Spain. The approach is regarded as in-depth and comprehensive. He bridges Tai Chi exercises to Contact Improvisation creating more flow in the partnering duet.


We will explore phrases that utilize good Contact Improv skills. We will develop the most important skill of listening and knowing when it is safe to leave the floor, “Never trust your partner,” “Injuries are optional.” I will say this during the workshop and expand on the concepts. I will buy lunch for the first person to tell me who said the first quote.

We will use tai chi principles of lining up your bones and effortlessly lifting. Using spiral movement to engage tone but not tension. As we find orientation in the back-space we will find new pathways, safer pathways, both up and down. You should know how to land before you learn how to fly.

Mark Young began dancing in 1997 as a form or rehabilitation from a serious motor vehicle accident. 20years later, he is the centre of a study on the roll of Contact Improvisation in neuro-rehabilitation. He built Leviathan Studio in 2010 and committed all of its resources to the study of Contact Improvisation. In 2020, Leviathan Studio becomes the first school of Contact Improvisation, presenting the same pedagogical approach in this workshop. This is a 12hr introduction to a course of study that could be years. He returns to Murcia, Spain for the third time to present this work.

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